Master Persuasion.
The science behind how to completely persuade virtually anyone on the planet of practically anything.

François Englert is the 2012 Nobel Prize winning Belgian physicist who discovered the Higgs Boson – nicknamed “god particle” – ending 50 years of debate.

Through genius and science, he contributes an invaluable contribution to humanity – and beyond a quick ceremony – receives little recognition – did you ever hear his name?

How about Kim Kardashian? A woman with a sex tape, who became a worldwide celebrity, and is now paid $50,000,000 a year (or $136,986 per day).


Meanwhile, In Las Vegas, Nevada, Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor have a boxing match.

With widespread support, people play MILLIONS to watch 2 men punch each other in the face for 39 minutes:

Specifically,14,623 people pay $2,500-$10,000 ($64/min) to for the privilege to experience it live (over $30 million).

Another 4.3 million people (in the USA alone) pay $99.95 to experience it from home (another $430 million).

In contrast, the bestselling documentary of ALL TIME made $77 million ($390 million less [1/5] of a single boxing match).

People barely notice logic – yet obsess over emotion.


Ask most people how to “persuade” others, you’ll get:

  • Smile
  • Make eye contact
  • Do nice things
  • Be approachable

How many TV series star Mr. Jones; who has an ordinary life, comes home, kisses his wife on the cheek, goes to bed, and everybody’s happy?

None – if it doesn’t work for entertainment, why would it work for us?


Now, how many TV series’ star a person threatened by attackers wanting to kill Mr. Jones, where a lot of people get shot along the way?

People love action, drama, suspense, excitement – logic doesn’t sell – emotion does.

Beneath our fantasies. we’d like to pretend to live in a comforting world which totally works on logic.


In 2016, Donald Trump gave the world a masterclass on persuasion.

Millions of people said:

How can anybody support someone who behaves like that? He’s loud, swears, insults, gives childish nicknames – they SHOULD stop giving him so much attention.”

Like him or hate him, politics aside, he produced the #1 reality show on TV for 14 years – and knew something nobody else did:

Persuasion has absolutely nothing to do with logic – we fully know what we SHOULD and SHOULDN’T do:


1. We SHOULDN’T support people those exploit (child) labor and abuse human rights – then willingly give Apple, Amazon, and Walmart billions from our wallets.

2. We SHOULDN’T be support cigarettes, alcohol, junk food, coffee, gambling and all other addictive behaviors – then willingly buy beer for a parties, candy for children & as gifts, coffee for friends – how often do we buy broccoli to improve another’s health?

3. We SHOULD eat raw spinach, read/watch documentaries, enjoy school, and spend EVERY MOMENT studying to develop ourselves to our highest potential.

When’s the last time you saw parents give a child a salad (a responsible decision) – the “reward” is processed junk which damages our bodies? We want the feelings we crave.


In the real world, we’re constantly torn between wants and desires (eating healthy vs. chocolate cake).

And 99% of the time – the cigarette, gambling, smartphone, etc. – “guilty pleasure” wins – and is even encouraged.

We’ve all witnessed relationships where someone can’t get away, despite it being a horrible choice, because they’re emotionally ADDICTED.

As drug addicts have proven – addiction overrides EVERYTHING.

The question is, how do we make others crave US as powerfully as corporations make us crave junk food, alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, and smartphones?


If we master control over others’ emotions, we become the master of our destiny, and the possibilities are limitless.

These tools aren’t new either – corporations have used them centuries to control our spending:

Smartphones, coffee, junk food, marijuana, alcohol, sports…

How are documentary, celery, and e-reader sales doing compared to movies, junk food, and smartphones?


They engineer things we literally can’t put down, even if we try, by hijacking a primitive part of our brain.

Watch a smoker try to quit – or a smartphone – or food addict – watch how quickly they crawl back to their “drug”.

They know it’s bad for them – addictive, unhealthy – and do it for years or even decades – willingly spending BILLIONS of dollars in the process.


Realize, you too can apply this knowledge, and have complete power to control every part of your destiny now.

Imagine something beyond what you believe – or could – have until now.

But you can only have it to the extent you understand how others persuade others to give it to them.


Persuasion has nothing to do with logic – it’s persuading others’ emotions.

When we want win – results above what we experience – we must start doing what does work – not what we’d “like” to work.


How “nice” or “friendly” something is does not matter – less than ZERO.

There’s just one question we must ask ourselves here now:

How do we hijack the source of all addiction – that part of the brain – the ultimate power – to influence anyone to do virtually anything?


Your 1st step:

To persuade others, we must separate what others say they want, and you must respond to what they react to.

Most people will try to please others through logic – smile, polite, eye contact, don’t offend, etc. – the key is to observe for what they react to.

We must understand where to place our attention to get uncover the truth.


If they tell us they want to be healthy, but are holding a coffee in their hand, most people – obvious as it seems – won’t make the connection.

Others will try to please them with what they say they want – not what they react to.


This is your #1 lesson of your new training:

STOP LISTENING TO OTHERS – they don’t know their unconscious – or its true power.

We must learn how to understand what others universally crave, and master the power to offer it on a silver platter.

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