We all want to be loved, admired, and respected.

What makes one people more “likable”, “friendly”, or “persuasive” than another?

We have the power to say the perfect thing in every situation – so why don’t we?


It’s one thing to know what to do – knowing how is the key to our success.

For thousands of years, history has had master influencers, who knew what to do to make others obsessed with them.

We’ve all had someone else be successful, tried copying them, and couldn’t how they got success.


We watch them, but with so many things going on, can’t isolate the core element of what’s causing their success.

If we can isolate what creates their success, we can instantly replicate success at anything, and literally re-write destiny.

The only thing limiting our success is lack of awareness of how to do the thing we need to do.


People who are liked all share one thing in common:

They have charisma… but what is “charisma”?

Charisma is power to connect with others in any situation – but there’s no “default” method to do this.


Seeing charismatic people, we notice many differences:

  • Oprah Winfrey is energetic and hyper.
  • Martin Luther King is confident and strong.
  • Nelson Mandela is calm and composed.

But what’s “x factor” makes 1 person powerfully charismatic, persuasive, and not another?

What do all charismatic people share in common?


Charisma is always summed up with 1 word:

Energy – but what is “energy”?

We have 2 parts to energy, which project our personality outward to others.

As we improve our core expression, we improve upon the essence of what allows one person to connect with another, regardless of “default” personality:


There are many keys to developing this skill – here are just a few:

1. INFLECTION. Imagine just one note over and over – it gets boring fast.

When you speak, do you project a “rainbow”, or the same note?

Imagine running your hands up and down a piano – be creative.

2. EXPRESSION. Imagine a cartoon character – smile, grin, expression, and voice.

The first step is discovering the most powerful expression of yourself.

Basically, be unafraid to express yourself – but first we must find ourselves.


To do this, we must have a model – find someone who represents your ideal self:

This can be James Bond, Oprah Winfrey, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela – whoever.

But don’t fake it – find someone whose traits you already naturally embody.


Whoever you choose, study this person carefully.

Notice the unique way they express these 2 traits – If they have a nice voice, practice speaking like them.

If they have incredible eye contact, practice making that same impression on others.


As we practice, there are only 2 things we must know to be successful:

1. What mental beliefs stop us from being ourselves.

2. What action must be taken to destroy these limits.

Begin training to look, feel, think, act, and ultimately become your most powerful self, and achieve your full potential.

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