In this moment, there is something you want deeply right now – probably more than anything.

There are many factors involved, but all obstacles share 2 things in common:

We either don’t know what action to take, or aren’t taking the action we should be taking.


Before we can achieve anything, we must be able to overcome these obstacles.

If we want to be successful, the first (and only) step, is knowing what action to take, and taking action – then results take care of themselves.

Success is simple.


Unfortunately, most of our time in school is not spent being focused on our growth.

It’s being taught to read, write, math, science – all “mainstream” education shares 1 thing in common:

It’s only taught if it makes you useful to someone else.


The goal of education should be to give everyone happiness and success – yet few ever get it.

Unfortunately, happiness is not the focus of our education – in fact this is pushed to the bottom of the list.

When we’re stressed, overworked, or want to do things our way, we’re told deal with it, and do what we’re told.


There is only 1 trait shared by every successful person in history:

Persistence – the power to keep moving forward in spite of inner and outer obstacles.

They focus on bettering themselves, pursuing their passions, and doing what they believe in – they defy society.


And, like learning to walk, talk, read, write – going all the way back to childhood – all success is the result of 1 thing:

Consistent, persistent, and fearless action.

We don’t look back, and are unafraid of failure.


And virtually everyone succeeds as a child.

Then, adults mark red “Xs” on our work at school, tell us we need to meet their standards, and make us feel like a failure if we aren’t approved by others.

The key to success is motivation – motivation is driven by action – which is driven by persistent dominance of our emotions.


This means, when we don’t “feel like it”, we don’t take action, and don’t get success – what do we do in that moment?

Can we step in and take control?

If you say, “I can do anything” right now, what do you experience inside?


10,000 people will experience every experience imaginable.

Some will fear, some will be ready to take action – how do we take control, and get ourselves into a successful mindset?

How do we take control of this experience, and what creates confidence in the 1st place?


More simple education we should’ve gotten in school – the key to all confidence is knowledge.

Imagine you’re driving with a GPS – giving you directions – everything’s going smoothly.

Suddenly, the machine dies, you no longer have the directions, and are doubting every choice you make.


Fear, anxiety, and doubt all loom in your mind with every choice – when the cure is simple – knowledge.

If we know with 100% certainty action will make us successful, we take it, and results come effortlessly.

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