To get success, we must first take action – but to take action we must first have confidence in our actions.

How many times do we know what we should do, then not do it – even for months – because we lack confidence – and don’t trust ourselves?

If we don’t practice [take action], we never become skilled enough to get success – confidence is the starting point of all success.


To succeed at anything, we must know the difference between a person who succeeds, and a person who fails, to make sure we don’t become the latter.

What’s the difference between someone who persists, and ultimately succeeds, while another gives up, despite both having the same obstacles?

We can come up with a lot of answers, but only 1 universal trait is shared by all successful people:


So how does confidence “work”?

Like any technique, if we’re trying to be confident, but doing it incorrectly, we’ll try all our lives, and never get success.

All success starts with action – action is driven by our mental state – our mental state is driven by our feelings – our feelings are driven by motivation.


As children, in everything we all learn to do – talk, read, bike, swim – they all share 1 thing in common:

We take action fearlessly, and don’t give in to obstacles – when we look at every success, we see the same thing:

Taking action consistently, not losing motivation, staying persistent, and ultimately manifesting success.


All success starts with a powerful mental state:

We must train to be ready for success when the opportunity to capture it arrives.

Otherwise, we miss that opportunity, and have nobody to blame but ourselves – but how do we create success?


While the key to success is action, the key to action (and persistence) is motivation.

If we’re not motivated we never take action, and if we don’t take action we never succeed.

But to stay motivated, and take action, we must believe in our own potential for success.


Motivation is a feeling – when we’re not motivated, we’re unable to take action – we get stuck.

To take action, we must possess the knowledge of how to remove ourselves from the emotion keeping us from feeling motivated, and preventing action.

To succeed we must ask: how do I stay motivated to take action, and not fear failure, long enough to get success?


When we overcome fear, we relentlessly take action until we get success – without a 2nd thought – like as children.

Fear is belief – based on present knowledge – a desired result will fail to materialize – and we can’t get there.

Combined with mental expectation of rejection and failure, and not knowing how to change, this creates motivation not to take action.


We’re motivated – just in the wrong direction – we become paralyzed by our own mind.

There’s key reasons 99% give up, while 1% persist, and succeed – the question is, what’s common traits do both share which cause their results?

The difference is the confident person expects success, which motivates us toward action, instead of away.


When we know what drives confidence, we have the motivation to take Knowledge creates confidence – imagine we’re traveling with a GPS – then it dies.

Our GPS – the reliable set of instructions – is the source of our confidence in our choices and actions.

Suddenly, the GPS dies – every turn is an unknown which could lead in the wrong direction.


The power and keys to success, lay in our mind – our knowledge of how to create results.

We can choose our destiny – the part people don’t tell us is that’s only if we’re given the instructions for how to get to our destination first.

This means staying motivated, and never letting our inner world stop us from taking action.

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