Overcome Anxiety

It’s easy to say “dream big”, but expectations control feelings – anxiety is fear we won’t get the result we want.

Feelings cause action (or inaction), and every result we create – success begins with a highly skilled mind.

Can we mentally live our dream, as if it’s already here, regardless of what we experience outside?


When we order something online, how do we react? 

Are we scared, doubting, worrying it might not get here?

Or, are we excited for something we know is coming?


A confident person is confident because they can mentally experience themselves successful before taking action, which controls results.

There’s a huge difference between wanting, and being ready to achieve.

If we can’t believe we’ll be successful, how do we ever train ourselves to expect success.


One 6′ (183cm) woman might feel empowered by her height.

Another woman of equal height could be insecure.

Both perceptions are totally opposite – we often make up stories about reality (including our potential).

What causes the feeling?

Our mind – success starts with powerful attitude – which is the combination of thoughts, feelings, and action.


How long can we hold an image before “that will never happen” begins?

We’re dreaming, but not dreaming with confidence.

To get over this, we must first recognize the massive difference is our mind.


To be successful, we must become mentally strong.

But how do we train to see ourselves successful before taking action?

How do we become strong enough to feel powerful within ourselves, and take fearless action?


The difference in people who succeed:

We believe, hold our dream, and because of this will never quit.

We must program our brain, how we think, and our knowledge of success.


Our brain’s programming will fight any new identity and new thoughts.

If I say, “don’t think of an blue elephant”, your brain hears “blue elephant”.

We need way to bypass our logical mind rejecting the new belief.


If we tell ourselves, “I’m not worthy of success”, notice the awkwardness.

Our brain tries to figure out how it’s “supposed” to feel.

It believes the statement, but the word ringing in our head is “success”.


When we use this “loophole”, our brain can’t fire the old program.

This is just the starting point of a foundation for changing our whole life.

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