Eliminate Shyness

We can be flying a plane, know how to read the instruments, and know it’s about to crash.

But if we don’t know how to control the machine – not just understand what’s happening – we’ll never control the results.


To successfully eliminate fear we must know 2 things:

1. Where it comes from.

2. How to eliminate it.

Millions of books explain the first – we rarely learn the second (the key to our success).


I’m not talking about what part of the brain creates fear.

What causes one person to feel fear, and not another?

The answer is knowledge – but since we’re not taught in school, we don’t know what that means.


To have enough confidence to take action, we must first be motivated – but fear can outweigh motivation.

All success, before it materializes, begins as confidence in our mind.

Success is simply mental confidence – willingness to take action because we know we will reach our destination.


But our biggest block to success isn’t action, it’s core belief.

Beliefs are ideas we pick up throughout our lives, which drive our emotions, and expectations of results.

What gives us the confidence to take action is knowledge – certainty we’ll succeed.


We’re confident when we travel because our GPS delivers consistently accurate information.

We know what we’re doing works, and if we follow the blueprint we’ll be successful, so we trust it without a second thought.

But what happens when we’re uncertain a choice will lead to success? Our mindset totally changes.


Imagine, suddenly, the battery on our GPS dies.

Suddenly, the foundation of our confidence in our ability to succeed – knowledge – disappears.

Every turn is a potential unknown, which our brain says could lead to disaster – creating fear.


Once we scientifically know the truth, fear is gone – we feel confident knowing and expecting success.

We’re confident the sun will rise – certainty comes from a level of thought.

To succeed, we must have confidence, and confidence comes from knowing the formula for success.


We can’t trick ourselves into belief.

Our brain knows when we don’t believe.

Confidence only comes from inner knowing.


This knowledge gives us confidence to have motivation to take action – if we don’t expect to win, we never will.

To succeed, we must being training our brain with the correct knowledge.

Every result we ever create begins with a decision, and the wisdom to effectively execute any decision.

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